Monday, December 8, 2008

Disney Land

My mom works for a dentist office and every two years they send their employees to a magical wonderful world where dreams come true, including my favorite dream where grown men dress like fluffy cartoon characters and even frolic. Good times. Good times. Of course Disneyland was the best and there are A LOT of pictures to show for it. I love pictures and I hope you enjoy looking at them too!

Ryan and Jordan are trying to push the huge ball in the opposite direction. A lot of work, but they did it!

My favorite thing we did was not the rides, but was actually a drawing class where they taught you to draw disney characters. It was so much fun and look how good they turned out! First we drew goofy and then piglet. Ryan's piglet actually ended up as a demonic character with devil horns. No joke, don't know what he was thinking but it was great.(if you look at the third picture below and closely look at Ryan drawing- you can see what I am talking about)

 Rowing a canoe with my family was ummmm, what can I say? Wet? Painful? We couldn't get the hang of rowing in unison. We kept hitting each other with our ores and splashing the water in our faces, and not on purpose.
Jordan driving. Watchout. Brennan is scared even when their car is on a track and Jordan doesn't have any real control.

Look what I mean. He doesn't look where he's going. Poor Maddison didn't see that one coming.

The Tower of Terror. Great ride! 

Okay, okay. The seats were all taken. Brennan had to ride in Ryan's lap. But even better, my mom rode in his lap next!
Family traffic jam.

Soarin over California
Buzz Lightyear. This one was fun because you interacted with the ride by shooting lights with your lazer gun. Below, Jordan and Ryan competed with eachother and Ryan kicked butt like did with everyone.

Tea Cups.

Water Rides!


Judd family said...

I looooove disneyland! Can I work with your mom?

Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

I totally forgot you guys went to Disneyland!!! Looks like you all had a blast!!! Love the pictures, they all cracked me up!!!