Friday, July 11, 2008


Lookout drivers! Colorado here we come!! Here we are with our great friends Jenn and Rob getting ready for A LOT of driving and even more fun! Some buddy's of theirs moved to Colorado and needed someone to drive up their extra car. So here we are making it a fun adventure filled roadtrip with rock climbing, alpine sliding, cave hunting, waterfall site seeing, hiking, and even river rafting!

Rob was definetely obsessed with waterfalls and wanted to see every single one, but this one in the picture was by far my favorite. It was right off the highway on our way to Colorado. We took a little steep hike up the mountain and came to this.... Oh my gosh, it was so fun and windy and wet! I dont know if you can see our faces but we are literally screaming. We were getting drenched! We hid behind a tree for protection from the cold soaking water then ran out right next to the waterfall for this funny shot. We love you Rob and your obsession for waterfalls otherwise we would have missed this super fun experience!

This is the white water rafting crew about to take the ride of their life. Not knowing what to anticipate, but excited.
WATCH OUT for the rocks and PADDLE! This is actually what I am screaming inside my head. No I wasn't thinking this is fun, i was thinking "I am going to die!". A little dramatic I know, but what can I say? I was a wussy riding a slow moving banana boat so why would anyone expect less from white water rafting? But everyone else had a blast. On the left side of the boat you have Ryan first, me, then Rob and on the left a couple we had just met(I forgot their names) then Jenn. Our guide is the guy in the back yelling (not just yelling but YELLING!!!), shouting commands of when to paddle, how many strokes, left, right, back, move, move, move, etc.. It was intense. The water was really cold and poor Ryan in front was practically swimming in it the whole time. I must admit though, sitting here safe at home looking back... I really did have fun in a fearful pee myself sort of way. :)
This is Seven Falls. I say 224 stair climbing steps of fun! Ryan's words are written all over his face. He called it a fat kids nightmare. Seven Falls is just like it sounds. It is a waterfall that drops off seven times, and at night they put on a light show. Isn't it gorgeous? Make sure and click on the photo for a good closeup of the waterfall.
Look out below! I am flying through the sky on this trampoline bungee. Wow it was an adrenaline rush. This is at the beginning of my jumps when I was screaming and couldn't even open my eyes. Huh, it sounds like there was a lot of screaming on this trip, doesn't it? Anyway, eventually, I opened my eyes and even got the courage to do some flips. I did two flips in a row at one point.

We took a tour of Cave of the Winds.
It was an actual lantern tour into a dark wet cave which included stories of its past. It was fun scaring yourself in the dark with all of their unbelievable ghost stories. At one point the guide made us blow our lanterns out we sat in the blackest dark possible. It was crazy- our minds were playing tricks on us, thinking that we could still see stuff like our hands waving in front of us. We couldn't wait to fire up those lanterns again and get out of the erie darkness.
The smallest passage through the cave was only 41 inches tall and it lasted for 21 feet. Here we are crouching through, but this wasn't even at its lowest. We had a lot of fun.
Ryan was determined to show off his mad rock climbing skills. Here he is beating me to the top!

On our last day in Colorado we went to the Museum of Nature and Science. We wasted most of our time on rocks and gems and the boring stuff not realizing that the museum closed at five, so we missed the cool stuff like mummy's and dinasaurs. Come on, really? What closes at five?! So here we are posing at some big gems happy and totally unaware that in just a little while we would be kicked out. We were pretty bummed.
Below are more pictures of our adventures. Check em out and Enjoy!


Jenn and Rob said...

I wanted to be the first to comment. I love seeing all the pictures and your description of everything that went on. You make me laugh!!! We had a blast with you guys in Colorado. And yes Rob is definitely obsessed with waterfalls but hey can you blame him, they are gorgeous. I am excited to hang out with you guys tomorrow. See you then!

Marisa & Rob Rasmussen said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! I love your face expression on the bungie!! And Ryan's face going up the stair's!!! I told Rob what he said about fat kids nightmare and he just laughed. You got some great picture's!!!

Judd family said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the car picture! Colorado is gorgeous!

Beth Curtis said...

oh my goodness, that looks like SO much fun! You are hilarious, I am totally a scaredy cat too! Those waterfalls are beautiful!

Lindz & Nick said...

That looks like you guys had a blast. Nick and I went to Colorado last month and I have to tell you our pictures don't look like we had near as much fun as you did! Of course Nick being a sports freak and all our trip involved mainly baseball games and shopping for me!