Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Trip to Rocky Point

My mom started planning Curtis Family vacations, where most of her brothers and sisters and our cousins all get together for a trip each year. It is an absolute blast when all of our crazy families get together. Last year we took a cruise to Ensanda Mexico (I highly recommend taking a cruise if you've never taken one) and this April we stayed in the beautiful Las Palomas condos in Rocky Point. Take a look at the slideshow above to see more pictures of the fun we had on our trip. Thanks Mom!!

A bunch of us went for a banana boat ride. It was fun at first. The man was taking it easy because there were children on, but then everyone started screaming "faster! faster!". Eventually the fear of falling off was too much for Janna and I, so we climbed into the mans boat. It was a little embarrassing climbing into the back of the guys boat like scared little children, especially since my nine year old sister was the one screaming faster! 
Jet skiing was a lot of fun. Here Ryan is taking my little sister for a ride. 
Football on the beach was fun. Unfortunately, Ryan and Michael tackled the wrong person and Brennan got away with the ball! 

What is a roadtrip without your car breaking down? Thats right, Ryan's baby broke down just outside of Mexico on our drive back. It was going to cost 500 dollars just to tow it back to Phoenix! Luckily his Uncle Wade was on his way through and was able to pull us back. 


Marisa & Rob Rasmussen said...

Looks like you guys had a blast in Mexico!!! Ryan's poor baby!!! (the car) :) It's always fun to go on family vaction's!!!

amy and luke said...

man you guys are lucky, lots of fun trips lately someday when we are rich well go on fun vacations. I am glad you had so much fun!!!

Kelsey Danielle said...

Hey I didn't know you guys had a blog... so excited to keep up on how you two are doing!!