Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater


Marisa & Rob Rasmussen said...

Looks like Ryan had a great Birthday!!!! I saw Carson there :) I'm glad he was there. :) That place looks like fun!

Jenn and Rob said...

Hey Nat,

It looked like you had fun at Ryan's b-day party. Thanks for the invite, wish we could have been there. Thanks for coming to Colorado we had so much fun with you guys. We had fun hanging out on Saturday decorating your home/and fixing the car. You need to post those pics. Everyone did such a great job, what a late night it turned out to be, but fun fun fun! :)

Lindz & Nick said...

Natalie I am so excited you have a blog, I had no idea! It's good to see how you and the family are doing. I am glad that we can keep in touch this way.... I love blogging!