Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ryan's Birthday

Happy birthday sweetie! I am a busy woman, so if I have anything to blog about it will take at least a month for me to get around to it! This is why pictures of Ryan's birthday, which was actually in May, were just recently posted, and it also why i am just getting around to writing about the pictures almost two weeks later. Sorry.

He is the big 26! I remember last year he was really upset when he had to fill out some papers and realized that he had to check the box 25-30 years old. What! He was in that age bracket?! He said that was when it hit him that he was getting old. I apologize to any of you who took offense to us thinking 25 was old, you must really be old then :).

We spent Saturday morning with his family and best buddy Clayton. They are just two days apart and spending their birthday together reminded them of the good old days back at home in Welton Arizona. Here they are turning five. Aren't they freakin cute??? Can you guess which one is Ryan?
He is the one on the right and is the most adorable little boy I have ever seen. I hope our children get his genes and can fit into their jeans!! I don't want to pass on my sumo wrestler baby rolls! My naked bathtub photo (don't worry, I was only two) still haunts me today. I look like I ate an elephant for lunch that day, but in my defense -the camera also adds 10 pounds!
p.s- this photo doesn't do his extreme cuteness justice, I will have to post more later
Here are the birthday boys today. Still great friends and still so cute.

On his actual birthday, I surprised Ryan at work with balloons and a SpongeBob cake. He was the star of the office with his free food. Who doesn't love ice cream cake?
I wanted to do something different for his birthday and thought a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater would be awesome. So a bunch of family and some friends joined us for a crazy and hilarious night. The actors involved a lot of our group in the show, as you will see in the pictures. My mom got to do a dance and sing in front of everyone, and Ryan was in a dancing competition. He did a sexy boa dance around the room, but unfortunately lost to an old lady with a whip :). I had the video of him but promised not to post it. It was a little embarrassing, but he had the audience roaring with laughter. Below are some photos of the fun. Also, happy birthday to Josh, Uncle Jay, and Clayton! It was their birthday too.


Parker, Stacy & Trae said...

My Natalie! Yeah a new blog buddy. The birthday bash looked hilarious. Good to hear from you

bematheson said...

Very nice. Your so sweet to do all that for his bday, i just turned 26yesterday and tell ryan not to feel old you really feel it when your on your 2nd kid. its wierd.

Marisa & Rob Rasmussen said...

Looks like Ryan had a great birthday!! Love the cake! :) Hey you need to send me your email address. :)