Monday, November 24, 2008

Ahhhh, my precious Twilight.

It was sad to read the last few pages of the last book and know that that was that for my Bella and Edward. But then, a glimmer of hope..... a movie! Could it be true? A Twilight Movie? I was so excited. Just ask Ryan, that was all I could talk about for weeks. When the previews came on I would rewind them and watch them again. I searched the internet finding more and more to feed my Twilight addiction. A Twerd is what Ryan referred to me as- a Twilight Nerd. The book was woven into my life. If Ryan didn't open my door for me I would pause and tell him sternly "Edward would open my door" and viola, my door would open. ( I love my husband and he knows I love him but i did use the phrase 'Edward wouldn't do that' often but all in fun. But FYI, it worked, so girls don't be afraid to use the Edward weapon!) 

So, the big day came. I ordered my tickets a week in advance. I know I am pathetic. We stood in line and then waited for ...... WHAT? This can't be Twilight. Nobody looks right. This isn't my Edward. He was supposed to be this perfect gorgeous creature. Sure I saw what he looked like in the previews but I was hoping that he would look better as his character developed. I was so disappointed. I had built the movie up so much in my head. And nothing could compete with my own imaginations of how the story was supposed to look. But not only that. We laughed at parts that weren't even supposed to be funny. That's not a good sign of a believable movie. Some of the acting was really bad, the chemistry felt awkward, and it left out soooo much detail... the relationships, etc. It needed to be a four hour movie to be a good movie. Am I just crazy or is it just a fact that a movie can never be any where as good as the book it is based on?  Please tell me what you think so I can look at this a different way. I want to like this movie. I think I just need to watch it again and give it another shot. 

P.S- don't be alarmed. I am not a freak like I have made myself sound. It is just the hormonal teenage girl in me. Yes I loved the books, and yes I can get a little carried away, but I am okay. :)

Spidermonkies Away! 
Who says spidermonkey anyway?


Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

K, so I LOVED it, After we got home I was thinking about it and I thought that it was a good movie and I could see it again. Yes, there was some WAY cheesy parts in it (Jasper, hee,hee) and the running, that I couldn't help but laugh, but all in all, I thought it was a great movie.

I didn't like Edward at first, but once the movie got going and I pictured him in my mind of what the book, said about him, then I started to like him and thought he was cute. Yes, there was some dumb acting, this is why I hate reading books, and watching the movie. If you want to see it again with me, let me know and we can go again!!! :)
K, so this probably didn't make any sense of what I wrote, but it's late and I can't think. But I liked it. I'm sorry if I made you not like it. If you go again, just think about the book and then maybe you will like it.

Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

LOVE the picture!!! Way too FUNNY!!! Hee,hee! :)