Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Family Trip to Sedona

There is no greater blessing than family and boy am I blessed with a bunch of crazies! So when the Curtis clan gets together you never know what to expect, but you always know you will have tons of fun. Recently, we packed our bags and set out on a new Curtis adventure to beautiful Sedona.  
The water was cold so ankle deep was as far as anyone really wanted to go.

 "Oh look at all the pretty fishies"  .........
Jordan thought it was funny and Ryan was getting a little lonely so....
Ahhh, sweet revenge. No one laughs at Ryan!

Boys are so gross. As if these dirty butts weren't gross enough, here my boys (Ryan and Jordan) are competing to see who can catch a fish with their bare hands. Luckily no one was able to catch anything because they had decided they were going to eat whatever they could get a hold of. 

Ah, what is a Curtis vacation without a little love twist. Kidding of course. If you know my family at all this would not be as scary as it looks but hopefully it is as funny.
We are not the best fishers, so it seems the only way for us to catch a fish is to go a pond that is stocked so full of them they don't even have the room to move. Silly I know. But it was our first time fishing so why not go where you are sure to catch one and maybe get some bragging rights as well? Not many people can say they can catch a fish in just one second. Plus it was worth not sitting somewhere else for hours with no bite, even if this place did charge out the wazoo.
Here I am catching what turned out to be the littlest fish from our whole group which included my four year old cousin. Not my finest moment.
It was fun until they made me get the hook out of my fishes mouth. I will spare you the bloody details even the part where you watched the man kill and gut your fish..... sorry, did I go too far? Anywho, to make a long story short I will never fish again. My stomach wouldn't be able handle what comes after you catch the poor thing. And I prefer to eat my food in ignorance.
Bucket full of disgusting fish anyone?


Katie and Levi said...

it is about freakin time you updated your blog. I was going to tell you that you had until the end of the week to post a new one. I am sooo proud of you. *TEAR* it looks like you had fun fishing...yuck. If it wasn't for the smell I would love it. bye
p.s. you look so stinkin cute!

Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

Looks like you guys had a great time in Sedona!!! Love the pictures, your family is so funny :) I'm so glad you posted!!! :) Thanks again for taking me with you guys to the movies!!! It was fun to hang out with you two!! :)